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Goa Photo 2015
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Rebirth of Detail
TRANSLUCENT Video Art Festival
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The Middle Tone, Goa
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The Middle Tone, Mumbai
Nostalgia, Pride & Fear
Crossroads: India Escalate
The Golden Quadrilateral
Did Anyone Notice…?
Arte Laguna Award

Nostalgia, Pride and Fear - Mumbai

Artists -
Allison Kudla, Ratna Gupta, SoazicGuezennec, Tatiana Musi, Teresa Gruber

“The nostalgia of what we had, the pride of what we have and the fear of what we may not have.” In spite of practicing in different parts of the world, the artists are working along the concept of nature, the biosphere and the idea of presenting death in the hope of the future. “We are observing this phenomenon as by-standers, unable to contribute to the cure within our (human) interaction with nature...”