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Chameleon Art Projects & The Heritage Hotel Art Spaces Present
Thread Whispers – Chapter I

Artists -
Shivani Gupta & Corinne Elysse Adams

Date -
20 February – 10 March 2015

An official collateral event of Goa Photo 2015

Thread Whispers is a documentation of the visual and theatrical collaboration of Shivani Gupta and Corinne Adams with the people of remote villages across India, engaging in stories and sounds by reweaving mythologies into poetry and prose.

In Chapter I of this series, Shivani and Corinne have chronicled the people of Dah and Hanu villages, small settlements high in the Himalayan Mountains of Ladakh. The local people have willingly engaged in reiterating unabridged stories of their folklore, animated with witches and magic spells. In these stories, the villagers’ young and old are photographed and filmed, represented as the protagonists of the mythical tales. Adorning their traditional dress, ethnic robes, along with fantastical creations using found materials, anything from plastic waste and flowers, the people are seen playing out characters in their stories, against the scenery of their landscape as a stage.

In this series, Shivani contemplates on how isolated communities investigate with their history and memory and she translates this visually and performatively in her documentation with the contemporary present. It is a project of adventure seeking and story-telling in virtue of disparate modes of expression and practice.

The significance of the title identifies how a thread connects us in several contexts: the twisted wool on the hats they wear in Ladakh, the man making a bidi with the threads from his shirt in Kanha, or the charka and weavers of Rajasthan.

The concept of thread weaving, spinning knots and circles is highly meditative, and connects us to what is heard and what is remembered over time. The thread whispers to us the anecdotes, which are shared creations, are living breathing beings that exist between teller and listener.

It is important to retain the sensory experiences of the stories we have heard through meticulous translations of these narratives using visuals/performance sounds and poetry. These ‘whispers’ are a link, a tether between us and the people who spun and re-spun them. And through this exhibition, these whispers are passed on to you.

-Kanchi Mehta

About the Artists
Shivani Gupta is a professional photographer and Indian Classical Mohiniattam dancer from Mumbai, India. Her diverse practices coalesce and influence one another, and in this way, her practice with photography reflects elements of performance art, and documentation. Her visual representation is the outcome of the process and the experience, resulting in highly sensitive and yet powerful imagery. This is a process unique to Shivani, where the visual is given prerogative over the performative, beginning from the interior (the body) and moving to the exterior through the extension of qualitative matter (the camera). She currently works from her studio in Goa, India.

Corinne Elysse Adams is a story collector, writer, songstress, musician, and teacher. She received her undergraduate degree at Sophia University, Tokyo, and a Master’s in poetry from the University of Edinburgh. She currently runs the humanities department at Skybridge Academy, an alternative education school in Austin, Texas, where she teaches creative writing, Japanese, music, comparative religion, and various other liberal arts subjects.