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Golden Quadrilateral, Rome
Performance by Monali Meher
Curated by Kanchi Mehta

Maxxi National Museum, Rome In collaboration with MK Search Art In conjunction with Indian Highway


‘Golden Quadrilateral’, is the highway system in India, which connects four major cities. Monali Meher performed, ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ at Maxxi museum, Rome during the Indo- Italian conference on economy, culture and art.‘Quadrilateral’ means four sided. Meher uses several metaphors in the process of her work to interact with public.

In this performance Meher appears from a heap of soil placed in the middle of the space where she is buried initially with various props. She walks all over the space interacting with people while balancing the props on her head and face. In the spoken text Meher refers to ‘highways’ as initial thought. Then she touches upon various emotions such as feeling high, sensations, consciousness, balance, coordination and describes several forms such as quadrilateral, polygon, pentagon, hexagon to beehive. While she speaks her voice gets echoed and distorted. It is layered with different sounds. The light of projection, sound, repeated rhythm, smell of soil create hypnotic, floating vibe in the space. Meher’s balancing, rhythmic and graceful movement while shaking hands with the audience and the background sound bind the whole space with magical, mesmerizing atmospheric effect. -Monali Meher.