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The Chameleon has collaborated with Indian as well as international residencies, which gives artists opportunities to travel, absorb different cultures as well as strengthen their practices by focusing on their selected medium. These residencies provide mentoring, open studio events as well as an opportunity to exhibit and display their works.

Sunaparanta-Goa Centre for the Arts is a non-profit arts education initiative of Dattaraj V. Salgaocar. It has the following broad aims and objectives: to preserve the artistic and legacies of Goa; to encourage, sponsor, and promote innovative work in the visual arts (individual, group and organisational); to serve as a bridge between the Goan art community and the national and international art communities; and, most importantly, to provide resource support to art students and others interested in art

The Studio/Gallery at 1 shanthi road provides space for slide lectures, small conferences, installations, performances, screenings and informal gatherings for artists and the alternative art community. We have consistently engaged with local artists, writers and creative individuals. We believe in networking and supporting other alternative groups and institutions with similar goals.

Following the renovation of a large factory in Karlín, a former industrial quarter in Prague 8, there was created a unique complex of art studios and galleries called Karlin Studios that became the first of its kind in Prague. The founder and initiator of this non-profit project is FUTURA, o.s., which is also one of the members of the Karlin Studios civic group.

The spaces of the multi-purpose cultural centre features 17 studios that are leased to select artists of all generations. One of the main studios is used by foreign artists invited to Prague as part of the residency programme organized by FUTURA.

Karlin Studios also provides space for the documentation centre the Foundation for Contemporary art, an extensive archive of Czech contemporary artists and two galleries. Entrance Gallery focuses on the latest progressive young generation. The central space is used by Karlin Studios gallery with the aim of presenting new works of the Karlin studios-occupying artists themselves, as well as young Czech and foreign artists that would be hard pressed to find within Prague's gallery scene such adequate and generous spaces for their alternative projects.

It’s therefore now possible to create, exhibit and document under one roof.

Space 118 provides four studios on a short-term basis (3-months) to artists as part of its commitment to supporting emerging art practitioners from all over the country and world. We are looking at a diversity of artists working in the studios to create a lively, supportive and dynamic working environment. We aim to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst artists who work in different fields of art practice.

We hope to nurture the interdisciplinary impetus for collaboration and collective exchange. It will also be possible for artists to interact with a range of institutions (scientific, industrial and artistic) based in Bombay or to simply use their studio term as a playful engagement with the city and its landscpae.

Based in the heart of industrial Bombay, 15 minutes drive to Kalaghoda and the arts district in Colaba, artists have the freedom to experience the rich and cultural arts scene in Bombay on daily basis. We also encourage artists to have the freedom to develop their work at their own pace and interpret the studio term from their own perspective.